mHealth by Improve

Your healthcare always at your fingertips

mHealth is defined by the WHO as the “medical and public health approach that is being supported by mobile devices, such as smart phones, individual digital devices and other wireless appliances.

Using mHealth has great advantages for the healthcare professional as well as the patient. Open HealthHub has always made the conscious choice for mHealth instead of the Web based on the following advantages.

Smartphones are everywhere and everyone is using them

As many as 88% of Dutch people now have a smartphone (Source: GFK 25.01.2018). This makes the reach of a smartphone or tablet many times greater than a laptop or computer.

Smartphone and e-Health are made for each other

Features found on a smartphone such as sensors and a camera are ideal for offering e-Health in a low-threshold manner. In addition, many medical device manufacturers are choosing to link their devices to global mobile platforms such as iOS and Android for glucose measurements, ECGs and blood pressure readings. Impossible for traditional healthcare portals to offer this functionality.

Higher engagement with mHealth

Not everybody knows how to deal with computers, but almost everybody has a mobile phone or a tablet. Because our work is barrier-free and secure through mobile devices, the response rate is very high (over 90%). At that time the patient will get exactly the information and questions that are appropriate to them personally.

Safety of mHealth

mHealth offers a lot more security for the patient than an online portal. Especially if the provider does not follow a business model but handles data with integrity. Like we do. As a healthcare organization you can never offer a secure online platform. If a patient is using an unsafe browser, or a browser with a little toolbar that was installed with its free anti-virus package, then their data will leak away to parties that sell such information.

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